SMS Data System's hard- and software applications use the manifold possibilities of various mobile technology standards.

Mobile technology

Among them GSM/3G/LTE, Bluetooth & BLE, Smartcard & NFC and GPS. Our partners and clients, their customers and finally all people, who simplify their lifes by using mobile and IOT technology, benefit from our tailor-made solutions.

  • Mobile technology helps us bridge the gap between our network partners in real time.
  • Mobile technology accompanies our shipments, gives us an indication of their current locations and notifies us of their safe receipt at their destination.
  • Certain mobile technologies can be combined with satellites, so that we can use our mobile phones in desert regions, on the high seas, or in the mountains.
  • The combination of GPS and GSM/3G/LTE technologies opens up numerous possibilities: from finding missing pets up to location-based services for consumers.


MESH OFF-network (Direct Mode) Wireless communications for Emergencies and General Operations


IOT Sustainability Solution for Medical Institutions

xSB – Smart Building Solution

Digitize and optimize the maintenance and operation of buildings
xSB-Smart Building Solution.