You would like to know whether your needs can be met in the field of IOT and mobile communications?

You are in the course of developing a new solution?
You plan a complex project on the edge of feasibility?

SMS Data Systems finds out what is possible. And what is not possible.

What can you expect from SMS Data Systems?

  • excellent know-how in a sought, complex area
  • strong team members
  • efficient structure of company
  • widespread network and relationships
  • experience in industrialization of products
  • fast time-to-market

Our Approach

Our approach is to start reducing complexity, focus on key features and functions and create a working prototype that can be used to make an initial cash flow.

We believe it is important to get a product working as quickly as possible to get valuable feedback from first customers.


SMS Data Systems explores all technical possibilities to ensure your economic success and, at the same time, reduce your costs in manufacturing, distribution and operation. We propose solutions for software and hardware, and support your projects from concept to mass production.


SMS Data Systems is happy to adapt existing solutions for new requirements, in order to find tailor-made answers to specific problems. This includes both the hard- and software sector.

Our Design House Portfolio

Software Development

SMS Data Systems develops software solutions for specific customer requirements.

We are able to embed the advanced customer applications in different platforms, one of the few companies capable of doing so worldwide. Thus, we save our clients additional costs for control and storage units, the terminal devices run more smoothly, need less space, can be produced in less time and with less money.


For example:

An alarm system usually requires three components

  • a sensor that “perceives” the case of alarm (e.g. motion sensors)
  • a control unit, which retrieves the sensor data and transmits any changes (such as a registered movement) via interface (e.g. AT) to the
  • mobile communication module, which then sends the data to an alarm system (e.g. the police)

Alarm systems based on a solution developed by SMS Data Systems make do with only two components. The sensor is directly connected to the GSM module, in which a control software is integrated.

Hardware Development

Different functions require different electronic components. These need to be arranged on a printed circuit board in a space and cost saving method and without causing interference. In the mobile communications sector, hardware development faces its biggest problems in the area of high frequency technology/RF Technology.


SMS Data Systems provides integrated solution packages.

They include the design and drawing of schematics, layout, draft, assembly and manufacture of circuit boards, as well as and testing of the assembled plates in our laboratory and further development to production line status.

We are able to master challenges, such as antenna matching or spurious emissions, also for new applications, so that we can guarantee a short time-to-market. Of course, hardware design by SMS Data Systems meets all relevant standards (e.g. CE, FCC, …).

Test & Measurement

In the company’s own laboratory, SMS Data Systems does more than verify the self-developed solutions. We also put applications and devices of our clients to the so called ‘acid test’. These complex test routines comprise the following steps:

  • Unit Test: examines the basic functions of individual soft- and hardware modules and ensures their quality
  • Integration Test: examines the interaction of several modules or complex systems, and ensures that all requirements are met
  • Customer Acceptance Test: together with the customer, the pre-designed application/device is examined in regards to all its necessary services

In the test series, we accurately measure whether specific parameters are met as requested, such as noise sensitivity, transmission power, receiving ability, compliance with common standards etc.

The equipment of our laboratories also allows for high-frequency measurements in different temperature ranges and environments (for instance, tests on heat resistance, water resistance etc.). Furthermore, SMS Data Systems is in the position to examine the behaviour of mobile soft- and hardware under different network configurations by using multiple testers.


SMS Data Systems develops software applications for the testing and calibration of various mobile and IOT solutions, which are integrated into the series production. These can easily be integrated into the production routines and ensure, within a few moments, that the components work reliably and can be processed further.

Helpdesk and Support

SMS Data Systems sees itself as a Competence Centre for Mobile Communications. We are happy to share our experience, high expertise and our excellent business contacts with our customers and partners.


We welcome your questions and challenges!

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