Direct Mode

is an application that extends the functionality of suitable GSM phones so as 2 or more such mobile devices are able to communicate within a certain range without using the mobile network.

First and foremost, DM is intended to be used in disaster areas and situations where the GSM network is out of service due to being overloaded or damaged.

A DM enabled phone is capable of setting up a “One to One” or “One to Many” voice connection. This can be invaluable for coordinating rescue teams involved in salvage and aid operations in catastrophic situations.

The effective range of DM may be increased by using additional DM enabled handsets or dedicated DM Repeaters.

Another use of DM is to make short distance calls without incurring charges from the GSM Network.

DM enabled phones are capable of simultaneously listening to GSM Networks and the DM-Channel whilst they are in Idle Mode. A special feature of the DM phones, named “Emergency Broadcast”, makes it possible, that Direct Mode is used for broadcast and reception of the emergency messages in alert situations. On this way all target users stay reachable no metter of engaged status of the phone or even existence of GSM network.