IOT Sustainability Solution for Medical Institutions


Hospitals are under high cost pressure

  • Hospital costs are rising steadily

Hospitals procure new medical equipment unnecessarily

  • No to little overview of the equipment fleet

Hospitals have no overview of electricity consumption

  • No overview of what is charged to the individual cost centers

Initial situation

Rising energy costs and the partial waste of energy are a challenge for companies.

Equipment acquisition and maintenance, as well as equipment energy consumption, drive up costs. The lack of equipment utilization control tempts companies to constantly expand the equipment fleet and causes enormous gray emissions.

Our solution

Functional description

  1. Medical device is connected to the energy meter and plugged into the power outlet
  2. Data is temporarily stored on the energy meter
  3. As soon as the medical device is not in use, the energy meter sends the data to the platform via the Internet.
  4. The operating states are evaluated on the platform
  5. The evaluated data is displayed on the dashboard

Example utilization ultrasound unit

Advantages of our solution

Customer benefits

  • Cost savings

– Fewer new purchases

– Reduction of maintenance costs

– Reduction of energy costs

  • Process optimization within the hospital

– Better planning of resources in the hospital

– Additional service for your customers

  • Contribution to sustainability in the hospital