OFF-WEGO is an functional extension for all mobile phones which enables direct communication between its users within a certain range without any dependency on mobile network.

  • Total availability. OFF-WEGO is based on Direct Mode (DMO) links, so users connect device-to-device independently of any external network (Off-Network). Combined with advanced encryption, vulnerability against common failures is minimised and the availability is guaranteed.
  • Fast and autonomous deployment. With OFF-WEGO, wherever there are two or more users within a range of up to 5 km, there is an instantaneous link that does not need any pre-operation or infrastructure. Besides, each OFF-WEGO device acts as a repeater (mesh network), extending the service to a theoretically infinite range indoors or outdoors. It also allows group communications (calls, SMSs, alarms…) to quickly and easily customise the system to specific aims.
  • Interoperability. OFF-WEGO acts as a seamless gateway toward GSM/LTE and TETRA networks, and can also interact with other systems through its integration into radio devices.

This off-network communication can be built through a broad variety of devices:

  • OFF-WEGO Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM), a proprietary device that can perform as standalone solution for voice links and/or can be connected via Bluetooth (BT) to smartphones for adding data transmission capabilities. In the latter case, the smartphone is used for data presentation and setup procedures.
  • OFF-WEGO Boxed Version, another proprietary device, similar to the RSM but much smaller, and meant to be put into the pocket. It has no mic/speaker function, so smartphones or other BT-based devices must be used for the communication.
  • 3rd party products like smartphones and other items (g. fireman helmets) where we integrate/attach our OFF-WEGO Modules and which we convert into cutting-edge professional radios (no need for additional communication devices).