mecSOLAR – maintenance-free motion detection & sensors. Design of sensor board which includes temperature, humidity, shock and movement sensors.

The mecSOLAR series is one of the most versatile asset tracking solutions in the world designed in cooperation with mecomo partner.

Continuous, solar-supported locating of your non-powered objects with exact start/stop times makes the difference. This enables real-time scheduling, downtime analyses and delay warnings (ETA monitoring).

A wide range of energy-efficient telematics modules for all logistics modalities is available. Cost-effective and profitable. If required with individual adaptations.

The installation effort is low, the reliability is enormous. Field-proven: The only solar telematics worldwide that has been in permanent use in high volumes since 2009.

The Gold Standard in Solar Telematics.

Patented design. Winner of the Trailer Telematik Award.

There is no tracking without hardware. When locating logistics objects that are not supplied with electricity, you need to be sure that they are extremely robust, reliable and fail-safe in all weather conditions. Without maintenance. With a service life that ideally outlasts your objects. Highest quality – up to 5 years warranty. All this is represented by the most frequently installed solar telematics product in logistics: mecSOLAR.

In its versatility, the range of applications, the sensor options, the service life without sun, the intelligence of its electronics and much more, it is unique on the market. mecSOLAR is a product family from entry level to high-end. No expiration date. Maintenance-free. Wireless. Why complicated when you can do it easily?

Features & Sensors

What characterizes mecSOLAR?


mecSOLAR is the most versatile asset tracking solution in the world. Due to its compact design, maintenance-free design, low space requirement and incomparable modularity, it is able to solve all challenges of asset tracking. mecSOLAR was specially developed for maintenance-free motion tracking, longevity, robustness and data acquisition with short-circuit and reactivated sensors for non-powered logistics objects.

GPS + Cell-ID Tracking
Self-sufficient long-term motion detection with GPS + Cell-ID.
mecSOLAR is a solar-powered solution for all asset tracking challenges. Specially developed for logistics objects that are not supplied with electricity.
World Modem
GSM quadband and UMTS (optional CDMA) are available modem types.
High battery capacity
mecSOLAR has a very high battery capacity of LiPo 13.8 Ah / >17 Ah. To further increase the battery capacity, a housing extension (horizontal/vertical) is possible.
GSM + GPS extern
Optional external GPS/GSM antennas for mecSOLAR available.
High IP class
mecSOLAR is extremely robust and meets the requirements of protection class IP 69k.
Individual adaptations possible
Do you need individual adaptations to mecSOLAR to solve your asset tracking challenges? No problem, talk to us.
Wireless sensor interface
Wireless sensor interface for sensor board.


mecSOLAR sensorboard


Temperature Sensor
Seamless temperature monitoring by temperature sensor. This supplies both the tank inside and the tank outside temperature.
Door Sensor
Door sensor for monitoring and documenting every opening/closing process of the door. Immediate notification of the central office when temperature-sensitive goods are opened.
Humidity Sensor
Humidity sensor for monitoring moisture-sensitive transport goods.
Burglary Sensor
Burglary sensor for additional security of the transported goods.
Schock Sensor
Shock sensor reports even the smallest vibration.
Sabotage Sensors
Sabotage sensors for additional security of the transported goods.


What are your benefits when using mecSOLAR?

  • Self-sufficient long-term movement location by solar energy
  • Logistics objects that are not supplied with electricity can be located without any problems
  • 9 years of practical experience with the sister product GPS solar (installed base > 50,000 units)
  • Quick, simple and flexible installation without cables
  • Extremely robust and additional protection against damage/rockfall and vandalism thanks to special accessories
  • Maintenance-free and independent operation for many years
  • Investment protection through a wide and flexible range of mecSOLAR applications
  • Available sensor units provide additional information such as temperature, humidity, door open/closed, etc.
  • Improves customer staisfaction
  • Improves the quality of your customer service
  • The mecSOLAR asset tracking system is extremely cost-effective and thus offers a fast ROI