CPS – Cellular Positioning System

World-wide asset tracking system with no roaming charges. Unique and patented automatic switching flight mode function

CPS – cellular positioning system makes use of the physical position of cellular transmission tower as a reference for fixation of the geolocation of a cellular-based portable device that functions as a tracker for the various assets as parcel, machines, luggage etc. As a part of solution, we have developed a unique in-house patented technology that enable automatic flight mode on our tracker such that the cellular communication function is switched off when package is enrooted to its destination during flight. At the backend, a client-server application provides to end user the geo coordinates of the tracker in reference to the nearby cellular transmission tower location. There are a number of advantages offered by our solution:

  • First, our solution does not incur costly roaming SMS, data connection or any other roaming charges as no SMS or any mobile data communication is required for acquiring its position and reporting it to the central system.
  • Secondly, the tracker has an automatic flight mode which switch off the cellular connection when it is inside an airplane. Therefore, it does not cause any radio interference to the airplane navigation system during take off, on-route and landing.
  • Thirdly, since it uses the cellular cell tower location for position fix instead of using GPS or GNSS, the tracker electronics consumes very low power from its installed battery. Thus, it has a very long battery life of 2 years, even using a small capacity battery.

In summary, through our solution:

  • The customer will be notified, in almost real time, the worldwide position of packages
  • Operation cost, reliability, life span – the primary factors, driving management decision on such project, are optimized in our solution compared to GPS-based or cell tower triangulation tracking solution for worldwide positions.

Cellular Positioning System (CPS) comprises of following key functional modules:

  • An electronic tracker (referred as tracker from here onwards) designed for mechanically mounted or attachable to tracking object
  • Cloud application for logging the tracker position and streaming the tracker position as real time information to end user IT information system.
  • Module for mapping tower position into physical map coordinates

CPS Features:

  • Geo location worldwide
  • Real time reporting
  • Long battery life span
  • Small form factor and robustness of the tracker
  • Cost of operation

CPS Device

Features of the tracker

The tracker is an electronic module containing a microprocessor controlling 2G/3G/4G cellular network MODEM and all other electronic function as depicted in diagram below.


The tracker is designed to fulfill following technical requirements.

  • It is a small, low profile and robust device with proposed IP68 casing.
  • It has a unique feature of automatic ON/OFF flight mode that will shut down or switch on the cellular connection when it embarked or dis-embarked from airplane respectively.
  • It has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to detect movement of tracking unit.
  • It has low battery indicator.
  • It can be designed with a temperature reading logger function downloadable upon returning to home country or depot warehouse.
  • It is a very low power consumption device and expect to operate up to 2 years without need to battery replacement.
  • It is equipped with USB for downloading of operating log including historical data of tracking object location and (gyro, accelerometer and temperature) sensors.