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xSB - Smart Building Solution

Digitize and optimize the maintenance and operation of buildings

CPS – Cellular Positioning System

World-wide asset tracking system with no roaming charges. Unique and patented automatic switching flight mode function


Unique Ad-Hoc MESH networking technology, it works where other communication systems fail


SMS Data Systems

Mobile communications without limits. SMS Data Systems creates hard- and software applications for the mobile life of tomorrow. Our research and development work augments the field of technological feasibility and facilitates mobile communications in exceptional circumstances.

As pioneers in the mobile sector, we face the challenges of society, economy and industry. Our solutions range from complex systems for the telecommunications or the transport and logistics industry, to useful consumer applications.


About us

SMS Data Systems reveals so far untapped potential of existing technological standards in mobile communications, sensorics and others. On their basis, we create production-ready and affordable applications that allow the distance between networking partners to be bridged in real time. They accompany shipments of goods, provide information on their current location and inform us of their safe arrival at their destination. In areas that lack technological infrastructure, in desert regions, mountains and at sea, they enable the use of dedicated specialized communication methods. They help in finding missing goods, provide the technological foundation for location-based information services and enable the IoT.